Karina Irby vit sa meilleure vie sur Instagram tout en assumant son eczéma !

Non, les gens n’ont pas la peau lisse et unie dans la vraie vie !

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Karina Irby Insta

Sur Instagram, toutes les influenceuses (ou presque) ont la peau lisse et unie. Elles sont bien bronzées, mais pas trop non plus, et semblent plus douces qu'un édredon en soie. Bonne nouvelle c'est vous qui êtes normales ! Pour vous aider à vous assumer, Karina Irby montre sans détour son eczéma sur ses réseaux sociaux.

Oui l'eczéma ça gratte et ça brûle. Mais c'est déjà tellement désagréable alors pourquoi se pourrir la vie encore plus en imaginant que vous êtes seule face à ce souci ?

C'est ce que Karina veut que vous compreniez quand elle poste des photos de sa vie quotidienne :

ARGH! Look what I just did! I just brought on my own eczema/hypersensitive skin reaction due to stress and the humidity. When I’m upset, or stressed I get myself worked up and scratch. I don’t even realise what I’m doing until it’s too late? I wanted to post this in hope that other people can relate and feel some sort of comfort in this that they’re not alone. I always wished I had someone to relate to growing up so now I want to be that person for others. It’s been about 15 minutes since I took this photo and the red is slowly starting to disappear but I’m skin remains sore and tender. Oh, and to all those telling me to try drinking celery for my skin. I’m on week 4.

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KARINA AFTER DARK ? I don’t need it to be Halloween to be rocking the Mummified look. This is my reality every night after my shower/bath. I smoother my eczema with my creams, bandage myself up and sleep all wrapped up. This not only keeps the creams on my skin to soak in but also prevents me from utterly mauling myself to pieces in my sleep? I’d say my evening bath time routine takes around 1.5hours? I’m not sorry if you’re sick of me talking out eczema. My DM’s are being blown up every minute from people world wide who can relate, finding comfort and even sharing stories. And on a personal note, my entire life up until 12 months ago I hid my skin from world terrified of being bullied and picked on like I had my entire life. It’s safe to say it feels GREAT to let go, share my stories and help normalise us itchy, beautiful people?

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