Jodie Broadley : l’artiste body-paint qui représente les maladies mentales

Jodie Broadley a décidé de peindre des maladies mentales pour aider les malades et faire évoluer les mentalités

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Jodie Broadley Maladies Mentales Art Body Paint Couverture

Les maladies mentales restent un sujet épineux et tabou. Très souvent, les gens ne parviennent pas à comprendre ces réelles maladies (certains n'essaient pas) et ils préfèrent se voiler la face plutôt qu'admettre et analyser les nombreux impacts des troubles dépressifs dans le quotidien des malades.

Jodie Broadley face au diagnostic

La jeune femme a été diagnostiquée d'une dépression sévère et d'anxiété. Elle ne réalisait pas la gravité du diagnostic et l'impact des maladies dans sa vie. Elle a mené sa vie avec force mais très rapidement, elle ne ressentait plus aucun espoir. Elle ne parvenait plus à comprendre ses sentiments.

Après la perte de son emploi, Jodie a sombré encore davantage. Elle ne trouvait aucune issue à ses problèmes et développait des pensées plus sombres.

La création artistique, le "sauveur" de Jodie Broadley

Sa famille l'a énormément soutenue durant ses périodes les plus sombres.

Il y a deux ans, elle a décidé d'améliorer son monde. Elle a commencé à apprendre la peinture, plus particulièrement le body-paint et utilisait son propre corps pour s'entraîner. Sa créativité est devenu son "sauveur" face à son invalidante maladie.

Ses périodes sombres représentent une période très productive puisqu'elles lui permettent de canaliser ses émotions brutes dans chaque création.

Sa démarche ébranle les réseaux sociaux

Au départ, elle voulait aider les personnes souffrant des mêmes troubles mentaux. Elle connaissait la difficulté d'exprimer ses propres expériences et a voulu rendre l'invisible visible aux yeux des autres.

L'impact des créations de Jodie Broadley a été important sur les réseaux sociaux, notamment Facebook et Instagram.

Plusieurs followers se sont identifiés à ses créations. Elle a reçu énormément de témoignages à travers ses différents réseaux sociaux.

Elle désire continuer sa démarche et peindre les autres maladies mentales pour aider les malades à visualiser et comprendre leurs maladies.

Une ambition plus grande

Depuis qu'elle a commencé le body-paint, Jodie Broadley a été diagnostiquée d'un trouble dysmorphique corporel. Elle entame un nouveau projet pour sensibiliser les individus à ce nouveau diagnostic.

Pour elle, son art doit aider les autres à trouver la compréhension nécessaire pour survivre.

Ses créations artistiques.

Vous pouvez retrouver toutes les créations artistiques de Jodie Broadley sur sa page Facebook ou son compte Instagram.

Gone for something a little different. Dedicated this picture to people suffering with Depression, Me being one of those people. It's an awful illness and there's a lot of people out there that suffer in silence, nobody has a clue they are suffering cos they fight and mask their hurt a smile, it's only until we see the cracks and they crumble we know how they have fought for too long, wiping tears away day after day whilst battling demons in their head just hoping for the day they stop feeling like this. So please if you know someone that's depressed, please don't ask them why are they depressed, don't tell them to snap out of it and they are being silly, if we could we'd have done that along time ago. it's an illness and being there for someone struggling with depression is one of the kindest thing a person could ever do. .#depression#mehron#mehronuk#emotions#feelings#grey#cracks#tears#mask#smile#sadness#facepaint#facepainting#cry#makeup#hurt#helpthem#mentalillness#selfie

A post shared by Jodie Broadley (@cyberdoll_x) on Jun 7, 2015 at 8:18am PDT

Continuing on from my "Demons" Project I've been doing here I'd like to introduce another little monster I have trouble with on a daily basis. This my friends is anxiety. Anxiety may not look as creepy as the last demon I posted, but Anxiety is just as destructive. She comes out of no where, certain triggers make her appear and depending on my well being she can really take it out of me. Many of times I've been left utterly embarrassed due to her making me shake like leaf, sweat like I've just done a marathon, I find myself stuttering and struggling to speak due to falling into ultimate panic mode, its uncontrollable! and the more I found myself fighting Anxiety it the worse it got yes its clear that anxiety has her own way of making my life incredible difficult. Sometimes I find it hard to do certain things, Go places, I avoid situations like the plague because I cannot bare thought of a panic attack your mind goes crackers, your heart beats 100 miles an hour, You feel like your fighting of a heart attack and after you've pulled through the awful panic stage, your exhausted, you feel emotional, you feel silly as everyone reassures you, its not nice. Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms, and it can be the smallest trigger or a dramatic event to set your Anxiety off, but remember to breathe your mind is in overdrive, and will eventually calm down, Anxiety likes to put on a show but soon finishes after. #mua #facepaint #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfie #mehron #facepaint

A post shared by Jodie Broadley (@cyberdoll_x) on Dec 17, 2015 at 6:48pm PST

Body Dysmorphia. I've only been aware of this creatures actual name for a few months, but believe me this horrid thing has been hanging around for as long as I can remember, it is found in all the reflections, Mirrors I tend to see this monster in its full glory. Its hideous, I can't bare to look at it most of the time yet I'm almost addicted to looking at it like I cannot believe my reflection is this creature I see before me, the foul thing resembles a troll, Big nose, horrid teeth, fat lumpy ugly spotty creature. it moves just like me when I look in the mirror, it makes me pick and poke so bad I've made myself bleed, or break down in despair. I've been known to become obsessed, Comparing myself to beautiful people becoming more and more bitter of what I don't have, Pushing people away cos I feel disgusting, Angry I'm stuck in this body. Its made me act like a weirdo, Squirming uncomfortably when a compliment is thrown my way, It makes me a nightmares to be with, I need constant reassurance off my loved ones, I need acceptance in all kinds of way, it would be easy to mistake my mirror obsession for being vain, but that is far from the truth.. Reassurance, Make sure I'm somewhat socially acceptable to be seen. I know we all have days when we feel pretty ugly, or overweight or there's something about us we hate. Imagine the god awful feeling day in day out, and much more intense, OCD like behaviour. Body Dysmorphia is very good friends with Anxiety and Depression and they all come hand in hand, battling the 3 of them in one day can be so exhausting. but, I'm trying to see past this ugly being.. the closer I look, I just see a pair of incredibly sad eyes.. Like they are imprisoned in this body, but they do not know, that its all an delusion.. #mua #mentalhealth #art #facepaint #bodyart #makeup #bodydysmorphia #bodydysmorphicdisorder

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Collage of my "Inner Critic" #makeup #mentalhealth #innercritic #creepy #facepaint #sfx #bodyart #demons ?

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